After 10 years as Australia's leading expert team for digital forensic investigations and cyber incident response, Klein & Co. is now leading the DFIR practice of Australia's leading cyber security company - CyberCX. 

CyberCX is a merger of 13 specialist cyber security companies, carefully selected for their capabilities and expertise, and led by some of the most respected names in the Australian and international cyber security industry. With over 450 staff across Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, CyberCX is now well positioned at the forefront of cyber security services in our industry.


Cyber breach investigations

We apply solid experience, advanced tools and techniques and a strong understanding of attacker methodologies to reconstruct critical steps of the cyber 'kill chain' from initial exploitation to privilege escalation, lateral movement and data exfiltration.

Our experience ranges from common ‘smash and grab’ style SQL injections that steal financial information from websites, right up to sophisticated, state-backed attackers lurking on corporate networks and carefully exfiltrating valuable intellectual property for months before detection.

Our approach to cyber incident response combines several leading edge capabilities:

  • Deployment of powerful endpoint sensors to detect ongoing malicious activities

  • Leveraging global threat intelligence to better understand attack methodologies
  • Collection of both live and static forensic data across network environments

  • Forensic analysis for malicious activities and indicators of compromise (IOCs)

  • Developing custom IOCs and scanning networks for other infected hosts

  • Vulnerability scanning to identify known weaknesses and help remediation

  • Malware analysis and reverse engineering

  • Liaison with law enforcement and other external agencies for assistance.

Our multi-faceted approach provides visibility of attacker actions both retrospectively and going forwards, to help organisations clearly understand how their systems were compromised, what the attackers did and how the organisation should respond.

We are a specialist team of digital forensic experts, focussed on identifying, collecting, analysing and presenting electronic evidence for clients in a broad range of cases.

We pride ourselves on providing our clients the highest levels of professionalism, independence, integrity, deep technical skills and extensive industry experience. 


As Australia's leading independent provider of these services, we also offer truly personal service and flexibility without the conflicts and overheads of other providers.



Klein & Co. was founded on the philosophy that a small team of experienced practitioners, with the right leadership, continual development and technical capabilities, could provide the best digital forensic services to clients across Australia and internationally.

All of our matters are led by Nick Klein, a recognised international expert, who prior to founding Klein & Co. was a senior member of the largest corporate forensic practice in Australia and previously a Team Leader in the High Tech Crime team of the Australian Federal Police, providing technical expertise to local and international police investigations and intelligence operations.

Members of our team have presented expert evidence in both civil and criminal matters in Australia and overseas, including Nick leading the computer forensic evidence for the AFP in the Bali bombing trials in Indonesia and providing expert testimony in Australia's first Commonwealth cybercrime prosecution.

As a Certified Instructor with the prestigious SANS Institute, Nick is one of a small group internationally and one of two Certified SANS DFIR Instructors in the Asia Pacific region. He is a regular presenter at industry events around the world, a member of Interpol's Global Cybercrime Expert Group and guest presenter at some of Australia's leading educational institutions.

Our team has been engaged as experts in hundreds of complex and sensitive cases including commercial litigation, electronic discovery, criminal proceedings, financial fraud, corruption, employee misconduct, theft of intellectual property. We have also led the response to some of Australia's most high profile breaches.

We pride ourselves on being active members of the international digital forensics community and believe that professional development is a daily requirement, supported through regular industry training and certification on the latest tools and techniques. 



We are proud to be trusted advisors to over one thousand clients including leading law firms, iconic Australian companies, multi-national corporations, government departments, law enforcement agencies, private companies and individuals across a broad range of industries in Australia and internationally.



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